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Archives, Libraries and Research Methods

Compile a Reading History for Your Family – Aug. 29, 2017
What can you learn about your family based on the kinds of reading materials they had?

Make Misspellings Work for You – June 27, 2017
Successfully finding your family requires you to think creatively about the many ways your surname might be misspelled in original records.

Strike It Rich with Freedman’s Bank Records – Feb. 24, 2017
A wealth of information about former slaves, free blacks, and their families can be found in these important records, which are distinct from the more well-known Freedmen’s Bureau records.

Exploring Your DNA Results Further – Dec. 1, 2016
Learn about two small links on your results page that can bring you more information about your matches.

5 Hidden Questions in the U.S. Federal Census – Aug. 24, 2016
What have you been overlooking in census records? Veterans, runaway slaves, illnesses, and more!

Prologue Magazine – May 19, 2016
Learn more about National Archives records and the stories they tell through this useful resource.

Attending a Conference “Virtually” – Apr. 29, 2016
Written in preparation for the National Genealogical Society’s annual Conference in the States, these ideas are equally applicable to any conference that you can’t attend in person.

5 Tips for Getting the Most from City Directories – Feb. 26, 2016
Don’t stop when you find your ancestor’s name. There’s much more you can learn by using other parts of the city directory.

Celebrating and Capturing Oral History (Archives Month 2015) – Oct. 28, 2015
Oral history is a rich and rewarding resource for contextual information about places, living conditions, and similar experiences. Learn how oral histories of unrelated individuals can provide depth and context for your own family’s story.

Anatomy of a Finding Aid (Archives Month 2015) – Oct. 26, 2015
Provides information about different sections found in modern finding aids (or guides to collections) found in archives.

Searching by Context (Archives Month 2015) – Oct. 23, 2015
When seeking information at an archives, search based upon the context of your ancestor’s life. Broadening your search for contextual information, rather than using a strictly surname-based approach, can help you learn more about your family’s experiences, even if your family is not mentioned by name.

4 Things to Know Before Visiting an Archives (Archives Month 2015) – Oct. 20, 2015
Archives function quite differently than libraries. These tips will help make your first visit to an archives easier.

Don’t Suffer from Library Anxiety – Aug. 19, 2015
If you feel overwhelmed or nervous when you enter a library, you’re not alone! Learn more about how to alleviate the symptoms of “library anxiety” – including overcoming the fear and hesitation of asking questions.

Restoring Slave Families Using USCT Pension Records – Feb. 27, 2015
Riches abound in military pension files for former slaves, including such information as: birthplace and approximate date, parents, siblings, children, names and locations of previous slaveowners, family separations, and more.


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